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Rohan is friendly, thorough and determined in his approach to get to the bottom of any health concern being presented to him. He has a wealth of knowledge and goes beyond the standard range of care provided by most health practitioner’s. I have benefited greatly from his assistance, and aspects of my health have markedly improved as a result of his direct and thorough approach, along with helpful follow ups that ensure any issues are appropriately managed with a suitable treatment plan. Highly recommended for anyone looking for someone who is passionate and experienced in getting to the bottom of their health concerns.

Mandi G

I highly recommend Rohan. He has a very methodical approach while looking at all possible issues to help you solve your medical problems. Such a breath of fresh air when you have found only brick walls with GPs and specialists. Thanks Rohan!


My daughter Emily went to see a medical doctor regarding a terrible gut isssue and severe anxiety (after travelling to Bali). Test results came back with 2 x types of parasites which the doctor overlooked, stating that they are common forms of parasites and don’t ‘generally’ cause any issues, only treating a uti with a standard antibiotic.
While collecting background information and being told about the parasites, Rohan was able to give us detail on how these two types of parasites affect the host. He ticked every symptom that Emily had been suffering for the past 10 months!
Emily is also highly phobic of needles, so he accomodated this with an option of hair sampling which enabled him to diagnose her with pyrroles. She is now in the early stages of repairing these issues with relief in having someone who spoke plainly while offering her a pretty simple solution to what has caused so much grief!
A wealth of information and such a lovely man. 100% recommend.

Rachel Rye

I’ve been working with Rohan for 7 years, I am so thankful to find such a competent practitioner. I have discovered the causes and strategies to manage my thyroid condition and fertility problems. I now have three healthy children and have had routine check ins for support at each interval during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, through the ups and downs. Rohan strategies and protocols are effective and achievable and informed by evidence and blood tests. I have reccomended him to many friends and family and anyone experiencing any health, gut, stress, fertility and hormone concerns. Thank you for your care and effort I am forever grateful

Amy Mudge

Most impressed with his quick diagnosis by way of studying my blood results over previous year(s) and recent results. His highly skilled knowledge of functional medicine and other has been a contributary factor. Rohan’s ethical caring and individual approach makes his business worthy of true wholistic care

Josephina Hilleage

Rohan is extremely knowledgable and is a pleasure to see. He takes time to listen carefully, and has very practical suggestions, together with a wealth of knowledge about supplements and treatments for just about everything! I highly recommend him.

Nina Nyback

Rohan is an extradendary practitioner who really gets to the deepest layers of discord within our internal body functions. I initially was recommended to him by my GP for MTHFR malfunctions and since then trust his ever up to date knowledge and ability to communicate this in an easy to understand way. Rohan ensures that I maintain optimal health through his passion to achieve the best outcomes for his patients, guidance and wellness plan.

Jayne Dance

Incredible knowledge of biochemistry and the complexities of the human body. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my health in past few years seeing several health practitioners. I’ve now sacked the rest! I’m finally on the path to healing! Thanks guys ?

Rebecca Bolte

Very knowledgeable, and has done wonders with my 4 year old who was having behavioural difficulties relating to diet. He also has a wholistic approach which covers other aspects, not only diet. Highly reccomended

Amelia Murie

Excellent service from Rohan. Very thorough on checking blood results which others conclude to be within noraWhat I really appreciate about Rohan is he helps you in the way you want to be helped. If it is a full-on, crazy, mind-blowing, get into the nitty-gritty exploration of your health, then he’ll take that journey with you. If you just want to cut down on sugar and booze, he will help you with that journey also. He doesn’t rely on potions (supplements) to get you in tip-top shape, so you don’t walk out of a consultation with $600 worth of pills.

Before I went to see him for the first time, I was speaking to someone from Endeavour College and they said “oh you’re going to see Rohan Smith? He’s the best in Adelaide!” and after seeing him, I would agree.mal range. Get a lot of answers & information that helps to get improvements in health.

Jane Smith

For years I have been told by traditional practitioners that my cfs and fibromyalgia symptoms were ‘in my head’, that my blood work results were within ‘normal’ ranges and I was merely depressed; despite a multitude of anti-depressants having no affect. Such a relief to find a down to earth, empathic and trusting practitioner who not only understands the impact of experiencing such conditions but also reads between the lines, easily recognises nutrient deficiencies, clearly communicates bodily processes, has amazing insight/knowledge and follows my lead on the path to wellness! I feel blessed to work toward my goals with Rohan, look forward to each appointment and highly recommend him!

Danielle Thoth

Excellent service from Rohan. Very thorough on checking blood results which others conclude to be within normal range. Get a lot of answers & information that helps to get improvements in health.

Fran Colman

Rohan is very thorough in familiarising himself with your specific history and concerns, to ensure he helps you to optimal health. He uses excellent testing services to pinpoint specific problems. My son and husband eliminated their critical health issues quickly and easily through Rohan’s approach. Rohan also explains things carefully, which enables you to understand the key issues. I absolutely recommend him.

Deb Beaty

Amazingly knowledgeable nutritionist. Rohan has a caring and patient attitude and has been able to provide a way forward that has very quickly delivered noticeable results. Highly recommend.

Loren Price

Rohan listens where other medical practitioners won’t. He has a depth of knowledge and experience and is able to apply that to specific needs. One of the first times I’ve felt that a medical appointment wasn’t a waste of time. Came out of the appointment with a clear and practical plan.

Thomas Sterle

I have gut, thyroid and adrenal issues and was very happy when I found Rohan online. I was looking for an expert in these areas, after a major stuffup by a previous practitioner. Whether it’s interpreting blood test results, thinking outside the square, being holistic, introducing me to better brain thinking and meditation, a life coach, or blue-blocker glasses, Rohan is refreshingly different from other practitioners. He also has the rare gift of ‘meeting you where you are’ whether you’re in the baby-steps mode or ready for hard-core changes to your diet, lifestyle, everything, like me. I have already recommended him to a number of my friends and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who’s serious about getting better.

Karen Zaskolny

Professional, caring and thorough. I understood what I needed to do in order to get my healthy back and Rohan explained everything so I understood. I would highly recommend him to friends and family and anyone else looking to feel good and get healthy!

I am an ongoing patient of Rohan Smith and found him to be one of the very few in the medical/treatment field who actually listens and spends time to find out what issues I face and most importantly is fully committed to a treatment regime to address my health issues. I am not just another number on the books or another transaction in the business, but a real person with real issues whom he genuinely wants to help and see fully whole as a patient.

With the complication of so many autoimmunes, MS and MTHFR, you are the first person beside myself that has had any idea of what is happening to my body. I have hair now! You’ve proven your methods work in my life. The feeling of hope for future health, and of safety in your knowledge you give after a lifetime of no help from conventional medicine is worth gold… My quality of life is so improved. Bless you Rohan.

In consulting with Rohan I had found him to be exceptionally thorough, knowledgeable and integrious as a practitioner.


His step by step approach to his clients sees that they are given a clear and practical plan to implement for their particular health journey – which is very important in a world of so much varying information that it overwhelms even the most high functioning of people yet alone those suffering with chronic illness!!

I have seen many health practitioners over the past nine years (I first became unwell with an autoimmune condition in 2008). While some have had their own merits and were well-meaning I found that their understanding of autoimmune disease to be somewhat one-dimensional. Rohan, on the other hand, has a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and foundations of well health and his understanding of MTHFR/Methylation is impressive. His empathy and ability to understand his patients is commendable – particularly in this day and age of limited timeframes, and just throwing random supplements at a problem to see what works. Rohan is methodical, caring and thoughtful in his approach. I highly recommend his expertise.


It’s been an exciting and thorough experience inviting Rohan to join my health journey. His real and honest approach helps you feel really comfortable throughout your time with him, and his deep dive approach to getting to the cause of any ailment drives confidence in his abilities to produce real and tangible outcomes towards recovery and into wellness. His blog is a great resource and just goes to further show that he lives and breathes this stuff.

Rohan has a thoughtful and evidence based approach to practice. The evidence he gathered resulted in a treatment plan that really did help me a great deal. Even though I’m homozygous MTHFR he never had a dogmatic approach to that, or anything else. I can’t recommend him enough.

Rohan Smith is amazing. He is literally the first practitioner that I felt actually listened to me and understood the symptoms I was experiencing. I was very nervous to do a Skype session and I am generally intimidated by doctors and such, but Rohan made it so comfortable. He is friendly and caring. The best part is that he is very knowledgeable about genetic snps and was able to assess my symptoms and my SNPs to help pinpoint a plan of action. I am so beyond grateful.

I am almost back in remission for the second time thanks to an awesome health practitioner in Adelaide I have been having skype appointments with. He has been WAY more helpful than ANY Doctor or anyone else I have seen in the last 7 years of this Hashimoto’s health journey! That is a big statement seeing’s I have seen a lot of practitioners of ALL kinds and spent well over $50,000 on my quest for optimal health over the last several years.

Rohan has done an awesome job of interpreting my 23andMe genetic test results (this guy is the best in South Australia for genetic test interpreting) and helping me with thyroid issues, adrenal issues, gut dysbiosis, helping me to cut out unnecessary supplements, and dietary support also.
I am VERY impressed with him! For any of my friends struggling with health issues, thyroid/Hashimoto’s issues, adrenals, methylation issues, leaky gut etc, this is the man to see.
In no way do I benefit from this post, I just know SO many of my thyroid friends list are struggling so much and if this info can short track you to better health faster then I want that for you.

Rohan is extremely knowledgeable yet willing to learn. His diagnostic tools are very thorough and paves way to accurate methods of treating the underlying issue. I especially like that he does not always revert to blanket supplementation offering a real food choice first, if need be supplementation. He is always up to date with current research and you will not be getting the out dated food pyramid here. I have no question in recommending Elemental Health.

I would like to thank you for your help in getting me healthy. I got my blood test results today.  In the last 12 months since following your advice I have lost 11kgs and 8cm on my waist. My liver is back in normal range and my cholesterol is under 5.0 for the first time since I can remember. This is a lifestyle I intend to follow forever.

Elemental health and nutrition have given my son a new lease on life! Rohan was so kind, trusting and understood what my son needed to be able to live a life free of worry and anxiety.


Rohan is a true gem. I have been to many naturopaths and GPs over the past 10 years. I have been told over and over my tests from docs are fine, have taken many different supplements and homeopathics showing little improvement and sometimes made me worse! Rohan has organised extensive testing revolving around my symptoms, which finally show that I’m not crazy, and I’m not fine, in fact my main problem revolves around MTHFR and other methylation and gut issues, the right testing is paramount, he has researched in his own time and come back to me with a well written treatment plan, he listens and is open to my own ideas and beliefs, he is not set in his ways, I highly recommend him to anyone who has tried everyone and looking for the core answers to great health!! I’m well on my way to a healthier me, Love your work Rohan.

I have been seeing Rohan for about 4 months now, and he has turned my life around.  He has monitored my MTHFR as well as improved it, and he has also found a few other deficiencies that have improved me a lot.  I am feeling a lot happier in my self as well as a huge improvement in my personality, which enables me to do more things than I have been able to do in the last 4 years. So thanks Rohan.

When I approached Rohan for assistance with getting my health back on track, I had no idea he would be able to tell me something that years of going to regular doctors had not been able to. He was able to explain to me what was going on in my body and why. He was able to help me address many issues, not just my physical but my emotional and mental as well. Since starting treatment I feel stronger and healthier. I know I still have a way to go but Rohan has put me on the right track and the difference in how I feel is unexplainable.  I cannot speak highly enough of Rohan and his approach to addressing my health issues in such a professional and caring way. I am so grateful for his help.

By speaking to me freely and openly you have already helped me greatly. Please do not underestimate the effect on others, and appreciation by others of your open and helpful attitude – it means so much to be able to have those types of conversations with health professionals.

I came to Rohan in February this year. I have had so many unanswered questions about my health all my life and finally they have been answered! I found out I have an issue with the MTHFR gene, which without the diagnosis I wouldn’t have known what to do. I finally have some direction. He knew exactly what tests to do so we could get a clear picture of my health, and he also found some other areas of my health that need to get sorted out. Rohan is very knowledgeable about MTHFR, which meant he was able to help me understand what’s going on in my body and the areas that are affected, and what we can do about it from here. He is extremely thorough and he is very patient. He has also been great with his follow-up and he is always more than happy to answer any questions I have had. To be honest I have never been to someone so dedicated to actually helping people sort their issues out and there is no words to express the gratitude I have towards him for actually helping me!
I have finally started to feel a bit better and see results, it is still early days but I love that I am heading in the right direction and can feel the difference!


Elemental health has just given me a new direction in health – looking into treatment of the cause of my symptoms, not just masking the effects …. I want to live a long & healthy life – and Elemental Health is the beginning of that

Thorough, caring, knowledgeable and understanding. I thoroughly recommend his services to others after many years of struggling with my health and well being I am back on track to wellness and feeling great with Rohans wonderful care. thank you!

Rohan really knows his stuff and takes the time to understand his clients and the best way to integrate any changes into their lifestyles! I highly recommend him and regularly do to many! Especially for his knowledge of MTHFR.

Professional, thorough and patient. Very in depth knowledge of how to balance nutritional supplements in relation to genetic defects/results.