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Nutritional Medicine and Functional Testing in Adelaide

At my practice, I offer holistic care aimed at addressing the diverse range of health concerns my patients face. From chronic conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia to more generalized health issues such as mental health conditions and thyroid disorders, my approach delves into the root causes of your symptoms.

In addition to chronic health conditions, I also provide support for general health concerns, including autoimmune conditions, adrenal fatigue, and cognitive decline.

With a commitment to personalized care and functional testing, I aim to uncover underlying imbalances and guide you toward optimal health. Whether it’s addressing copper toxicity, balancing gut conditions, or exploring genetic data, my goal is to empower you on your journey to wellness.

Conditions Treated and Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Order Functional Testing

You can order you own functional testing through this portal, which lets you take control of your own health.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS can feel debilitating and hopeless.  Strategic testing and lifestyle optimisation are the route for getting your health back.

Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiome

Argueably the most important aspect of your health, and the absolute foundation of most other body processes.

Methylation MTHFR

MTHFR & Methylation

Methylation dysfuntion can greatly affect mood, detoxification, hormone recycling and cardiovascular health

Mental Health

Mental Health

There are many causes of mental health conditions that have their roots in biochemical causes, and don’t stem from trauma.

Thyroid Condition

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid conditions can affect various aspects of your well-being, yet they are often overlooked despite being manageable with proper treatment