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Retroviruses are one of the biggest insults to immunity and a potential cause involved in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.[1]

A retrovirus is a virus whose genes are encoded in RNA, and, using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, replicates itself by first reverse-coding its genes into the DNA of the cells it infects.[2] Once it’s in the DNA, it’s there for good.  Every time your DNA replicates, so does the retrovirus.  It has been estimated that approximately 8-15% of our genome is compromised of retroviruses, and some controversial data shows they are potentially oncogenic.

Retroviral Activation

Retroviruses make it virtually impossible to rid someone of chronic infections like viruses, tick borne infections and co-infections, and parasites etc. There are many kinds of retroviruses. Some of them are already in our DNA and become activated, usually by other toxins (from mould exposures, electromagnetic radiation etc.) and others are in the environment and we are exposed to them through things like vaccines etc.[3]


Retroviruses cause inflammation,[4] particularly of the blood vessel lining and also cause joint inflammation.  They affect venous blood flow, and the drainage of blood from the brain to be severely impaired.  Retroviral activity causes constriction in the veins, and more blood flow into the brain, but this has trouble draining back out. 
 This causes a hypoxic state which is implicated in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Toxic Metals and Retroviruses

Aluminum also inflames the inner linings of the capillaries.  When we detox from aluminum, the retrovirus markers often go down. This is the same with other chemicals and metals.  We are continually exposed to aluminum and other toxic metals and substances, so detoxing really should be for life.

Retroviruses, Parasites, Tick-Born Disease and Biotoxins

Many of the retroviruses in our DNA cause immune deficiency when they are activated. This happens when the methyl group is taken off them, or they are de-acetylated, and so they start replicating and affecting specific parts of our immune system.  When this happens, you can lose your defenses against parasites, Lyme and co-infections – these active bugs are secondary to the retroviruses.

However, these infections create biotoxins to modulate your immune system for their survival.  These biotoxins need to be removed from the body but when the pathway is overloaded, you may have trouble detoxing heavy metals, pesticides, etc. You can’t just treat the co-infections and heavy metals – if retroviruses are treated first, then the others diminish and resolve.

Retrovirus functional medicine adelaide

Retroviruses, EMF and WIFI

EMRs, especially microwaves, are a key trigger for unleashing retroviruses,[5] so you must try and limit your exposure to these, especially if you have CFS.  Make sure you turn off your WIFI over night, and switches (at the wall) for devices like bedside lamps, and assess where your bed is in relation to the oven, fridge, or power box (be as far from these as possible).

Testing and Treatment

Nagalase testing is an accessible test that is available through functional testing labs.  This is considered to be the most convenient method for detecting retroviruses at this stage.  There are many potential therapies to silence retroviruses.  Selenium, broccoli sprout, and Cistus tea are the cornerstone of treatment, along with Bacial Skullcap, S Johns Wort, and stevia.

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