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GI-Map – Diagnostic Solutions


The GI-MAP is a PCR test that identifies parasitic, bacterial and viral pathogens within a patient’s microbiome, which can cause dysbiosis, disease and contribute to chronic gut conditions. Identification of particular pathogens allows for targeted treatment, which can reduce symptoms and treatment duration.


The GI-Map uses proven PCR technology with high sensitivity and specificity which provides markers of bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens.  It includes parasitic protozoa, parasitic worms, normal bacterial flora, opportunistic bacteria, Helicobacter Pylori, fungi and yeast, digestion and inflammation markers, gluten sensitivity, immune response and antibiotic resistance genes.

These markers are important to identify due to their contribution to chronic gut and health conditions. Symptoms warranting this test include SIBO, autoimmune conditions, IBS, IBD, fungal or yeast infections, bacterial or parasitic infections, suspected H. Pylori infections and/or viral pathogens, such as Epstein–Barr virus.  By identifying specific pathogens and digestive markers, treatment is targeted and individualised allowing a greater reduction of symptoms in a shorter period of time.

Results take 4-5 weeks to be processed, and require a consultation before results are released. The test kit will be posted out to you upon purchase.