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5 Month “Optimise” Membership



This is the perfect program for those looking for next level care.  It includes an extensive case history, structured appointments, precise treatment plans, collaboration with professionals when required, emergency calls if needed, and access to me when ever you need. Clients engaged in a program or membership are my priority.


The “Optimise” membership is perfect for those clients coming out of a previous program but would like to continue to refine other areas of their health. It’s great for individuals who would like to to take a preventative approach to their health, and it is also suited to individuals who do not fit into the framework of other programs.

Conditions that fit within this program include thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular issues, heavy metal toxicity, and many more.  The program provides a realistic time frame to acheive lasting results.

Tests are not included in this program due to the varied pathologies that arise in each case. This membership provides all of the benefits of the other programs which increases compliance and accountability, and also enables a realistic timeframe to address these concerns.

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Financial Investment

Payments received in full at the time of booking attract a 10% fee reduction of the overall program.  Regular instalments can otherwise be arranged, but require a 20% deposit at time of booking.  Frequency of payments can be tailored to your requirements, providing full payment is made within the allocated Membership period.

If you would like to pay the 20% deposit only, use the Coupon code “DEPOSIT”.

If you would like to save 10% and pay in full, use the Coupon code “PAID”