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5 Month "Optimise" Membership

Stay on top of your health and keep getting the most out of life. You deserve it...

The “Optimise” Membership

This “Optimise” Membership is perfect for those clients coming out of a previous health nutrition program but would like to continue to refine other areas of their health. It’s great for individuals who would like to to take a preventative approach to their health, and it is also suited to individuals who do not fit into the framework of other programs.

Conditions that fit within this program include thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular issues, heavy metal toxicity, and many more.  The program provides a realistic time frame to achieve lasting results.

Tests are not included in this program due to the varied pathologies that arise in each case. This membership provides all of the benefits of the other programs which increases compliance and accountability and also enables a realistic timeframe to address these concerns.

Who can Benefit from this Membership?


Gastointestinal concerns incl. IBD & IBS

Food sensitivities



Skin conditions

Peak performance

Respiratory conditions

Chronic stress and adrenal fatigue

Chronic inflammation

Thyroid conditions


Autoimmune conditons (Hashimotos, MS. etc).

Multiple chemical sensitivities


Dietary support


Heavy metal chelation

Frequent infections

Cardiovascular issues


I have seen many health practitioners over the past nine years (I first became unwell with an autoimmune condition in 2008). While some have had their own merits and were well-meaning I found that their understanding of autoimmune disease to be somewhat one-dimensional. Rohan, on the other hand, has a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and foundations of well health and his understanding of MTHFR/Methylation is impressive. His empathy and ability to understand his patients is commendable – particularly in this day and age of limited timeframes, and just throwing random supplements at a problem to see what works. Rohan is methodical, caring and thoughtful in his approach. I highly recommend his expertise.

What’s Included in Your Membership?


5 Month Membership, including 5 appointments. The first appointment is a comprehensive 90 minute session.  The second session is 60 minutes.  Duration of subsequent follow up appointments is dependant on your needs.

2 x Free 15 minute emergcency phone calls

If you experieice a crisis or need help ASAP,  you don’t need to wait until your appointment.  I can address your concerns with a quick phone call.

Mentored Service for Further Technical Support

If we encounter a puzzling road block, i will tap into my network, who are highly trained in gut, methylation and other important aspects of health care. I will always keep searching for answers.

Unlimited Email Priority

I will to reply to your email as soon as possible, which is generally within a 24 – 36 hour period.  If I have not replied within this time, asume I didnt receive your message, and please resend it.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are detailed and explain the rationale and reasoning behind the advice given.  You will always know exactly why we are taking each step.  The goal is to provide understanding.

Correspondence with your GP

If you choose, I will contact your consulting GP and outline our findings so we’re all on the same page with your treatment.  The goal is to create a functional team for you.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

This includes many helpful tips and techniques that can provide really effective tools for you to use in your day to day life.  Sometimes fun, sometimes unorthodox, but always effective.

Appointment Priority

Program members are my priority. Even if my books are full, I will move clients around to accommodate you.