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MTHFR/ Methylation “Upgrade your Genetics” Program

Thorough methylation anlysis is the only way to assess how this system is operating

Methylation is a growing field of interest for many people. MTHFR awareness has seen an emergence over the past few years, and many people are starting to connect the dots with their health. Along with this, people are “trying” various supplements and protocols, including folate and B12 supplementation, hoping to change their health.  This program takes ther guess work ouf it.

Genetics can not be protocoled. Even person is unique, and we can not treat a person according to their genes alone. To get a comprehensive overview on a persons methylation system and genetic expression, taking a thorough case history, and dedicated testing is required. This eliminates guesswork, and provides extremely specific treatment options, which improves your health in the most efficient way possible.

Common Indicators for Methylation Dysfunction

Depression and Anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Recurrent Miscarriages & Fertility issues

Cardiovascular Disease and clotting concerns

Tongue or Lip tie

Poor detoxification

Other Mental Health issues

Addictive behaviours

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Low mood, motivation and memory


Elevated Cholesterol

Poor Sleep

If you have your 23andMe genetic data, this will be incorporated into your treatment.  If you don’t have a genetic report, you can order a 23andMe kit or a AncestryDNA kit if you would like this information.

Please take note, a genetic report will only show you possibilities.  Not all genes are expressed at every moment, so pathology testing is required to see how the body is actualy working in real time.  This needs to be teamed up with a solid case history and evaluation of your symptoms to really get a feel for how your system is operating.

What’s Included in Your Program?


5 appointments are included, which can be used within 1 year period.  The first consult is a comprehensive 90 minute session. Subsequent appointments range from 45-60 minutes according to your needs.

Comprehensive Methylation Testing

This includes a full Methylation Profile, which identifies the balance of SAMe and SAH; the Gold Standard for identifying Methylation status.

It also includes other methylation nutrients, cofactors, excretory pathways, and inflammation indicators.  Testing investigates every nook and cranny.  Sample Report.

Unlimited Email Priority

I will to reply to your email as soon as possible, which is generally within a 24-36hr period.  If i have not replied within this time, asume i didnt receive your message, and please resend it.

Appointment Priority

Program members are my priority. Even if my books are full, i will move clients around to accomodate you.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are detailed and explain the rationale and reasoning behind the advice given.  You will always know exactly why we are taking each step.  The goal is to provide understanding.

Mentored Service for Further Technical Support

If we encounter a puzzling road block, i will tap into my network, who are highly trained in methylation and other important aspects of health care. I will always keep searching for answers.

2 x Free 15min emergcency phone calls

If you experieice a crisis or need help ASAP,  you don’t need to wait until your appointment.  I can address your concerns with a quick phone call.

Correspondence with your GP

If you choose , i will contact your consulting GP and outline our findings so we’re all on the same page with your treatment.  The goal is to create a functional team for you.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching

This includes many helpful tips and techniques that can provide really effective tools for you to use in your day to day life.  Sometimes fun, sometimes unorthodox, but always effective.

Rohan has done an awesome job of interpreting my 23andMe genetic test results (this guy is the best in South Australia for genetic test interpreting) and helping me with thyroid issues, adrenal issues, gut dysbiosis, helping me to cut out unnecessary supplements, and dietary support also.
I am VERY impressed with him! For any of my friends struggling with health issues, thyroid/Hashimoto’s issues, adrenals, methylation issues, leaky gut etc, this is the man to see.


Pathology Testing Included in Your Program


Methylation Profile




Cysteine & Cystathionine






Active B12


Serum Folate


Magnesium indicator


Thyroid - T3 & T4


Serum Zinc


Electrolyte minerals


Liver Function testing


Acidity Markers


Inflammation Markers


Total Cholesterol


Kidney Markers

Free 15 minute "See if we Click" phone call

I offer free 15-minute discover calls for potential clients to ask questions, and see if my knowledge may be of benefit. There is no expectation during these calls. I am simply offering my time, and leave the rest up to you to determine if I am a good fit for you.