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Functional Medicine Programs and Memberships 

Why Choose a Functional Medicine Program?

Many clients find it hard to commit the time, energy and necessary motivation towards reaching their health goals. True healing is not found in a single appointment and a bottle of supplements. Health issues are multi-layered, and treatment needs be constructed in the same manner. Functional Medicine Programs provide the appropriate strategy to increase healing and help clients reach their goal.

I use specific testing strategies in all of my programs to gain the most information possible. The more information we have at our disposal, the more specific we get about WHY your health is functioning at its current level. These tests provide the answers and guide us towards the goal. Functional testing is a short cut to the finish line.

Structured programs help clients commit to the process, they generate accountability, and enable clear goals with a realistic time line to achieve them. There is no rush to provide temporary solutions, but instead focus on foundational, long lasting healing. 

What’s Included in Your Program?

Pathology and Functional testing Analysis

Test interpretation is complex and requires a considerable investment in time to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Simply looking for pathology markers with an asterix next to them is very short sighted. Members receive dedicated time allocation to address results comprehensively.  Each program includes very specific functional testing and general pathology testing.

Correspondence with your GP

It can be quite difficult to manage the service, recommendations and communication with doctors. I will send a letter to your GP introducing myself, and provide them with our goal and strategy. It will also authorise the doctor to copy me in for results that may be requested at a later date (if required). The goal is to create a team of professionals for you, who communicate effectively, which helps you feel better, sooner.

Unlimited Email Priority

I answer emails twice per week (Monday & Thursday 8-10am) to use my time efficiency. Members will receive same day replies, which includes outside of business of hours contact.  I’m there for you at all times.

Appointment Priority

Members are allocated appointments before general patients at all times.  This includes last minute emergency appoitnments, even when my appointments are full.  Other patients will be rescheduled to provide time to see you.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are well thought out, layered in the appropriate order, and create achievable goals for you. Of importance, they provide information to help you understand WHY things are occurring. You will always know the purpose of my recommendations, which increases motivation immensely.

2 X Free 15 minute Emergency Phone Calls

Sometimes life throws curve balls and we need help ASAP.  Simple changes or advice can be given to take the edge off to relieve your crisis. There’s no need to wait for your next appointment. You’re welcome to call so we get you back on top sooner.

Mentored Service & Further Technical Support

I have a network of very experienced professionals who I tap into when I need further clarification on certain “tricky bits”. They range from local practitioners in such fields as psychology, energy work, and bodywork; to Australia’s leadings naturopaths, methylation experts, gut experts, and other professionals. Personal communication with these individuals will be made, at no further expense to Members.  (This is not included in the Ketogenic Fat Burner Program).

Qualified Health Coaching

I have been through the appropriate training in counselling, nutritional medicine, methylation, plant based medicine, and many other areas, which helps me to provide assistance for you that really works.

Functional Medicine Programs and Memberships

MTHFR & Methylation

Methylation "Upgrade Your Genetics"

MTHFR & Methylation

Chronic Fatigue "Up and At Em" Program

MTHFR & Methylation

Mental Health "Smooth Your Mood" Program

Comprehensive Gut Healing Program

Comprehensive Gut Healing Program

Ketogenic Fat Burning Program

Ketogenic "Fat Burner" Program

MTHFR & Methylation

5 Month Optimize Membership

Free 15 minute "See if we Click" phone call

I offer free 15 minute discovery calls for potential clients to ask questions, and see if my knowledge may be of benefit. There is no expectation during these calls. I am simply offering my time, and leave the rest up to you to determine if I am a good fit for you.