Dry Skin Brushing 

The skin is the largest and most important elimination organ in the body and is responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification each day. Dry skin brushing can bring great benefits.

Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, liver and adrenal glands, and assists these organs in decongesting and releasing their toxins, as well as giving the body a gentle internal massage.

It also increases the ability of the liver and adrenal glands to handle toxins, strengthens the immune system and stimulates circulation. It is fantastic for cell regeneration and removing cellulite. It tightens the skin to prevent premature aging, and the best thing is it’s easy and inexpensive

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

  • TIGHTENS skin
  • HELPS digestion
  • REMOVES cellulite
  • STIMULATES circulation
  • INCREASES cell renewal
  • CLEANS lymphatic system
  • REMOVES dead skin layers
  • STRENGTHENS immune System
  • IMPROVES exchange between cells
  • STIMULATES the glands
Dry Skin Brushing Easy Detox

How to do Dry Skin Brushing

Buy a dry skin brush made with natural bristles and not synthetic ones, as synthetic bristles scratch the surface of the skin and can be harsh and irritating. You can buy dry skin brushes from The Body Shop, byronshop.com, bodecare.com, bodytemple.com.au, or pharmacies.

A longer handled brush works well for finding out of reach places.

Brush your dry body before you shower or bathe, preferably in the morning, although any time will do.  Some people find skin brushing too stimulating just before bedtime.

This is safe for hairy, manly dudes as well!  Studies show it wont make you want to watch “Sex in the City” re-runs, and drink Cosmo’s.  Probably no need to tell your mates though.

Steps of Dry Skin Brushing

  • Use long, even strokes. You should always make brush strokes towards your heart as this prevents the rupture of blood vessels or varicose veins.
  • Start at soles of feet, in-between the toes, and then stroking from toes to heel.
  • Continue on top of foot from toes to ankles and then up the leg, ensuring to cover entire leg.
  • Move to buttocks, starting at top of buttock, brush down to the gluteal fold (where buttock joins the leg) and sweep back again to top.  If you have cellulite on your hips and thighs, concentrate their a little longer. For complete dissolving of cellulite, brush for 10 minutes daily for several months.
Dry Skin Brushing - Brush to choose
  • From base of buttock sweep upward to outside of hip and work up the back and over the shoulder.
  • Brush abdomen in a circular motion. Brush the hands, arms and armpit, ensuring to avoid breasts.
  • Lightly brush neckline area and face with a soft bristle brush.

More tips and techniques

Avoid brushing anywhere the skin is broken or where you have a rash, infection, cut or wound.

Finish by taking a shower and if you choose, use cold/hot therapy to further stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation. Dry off vigorously and massage pure plant oils into your skin such as almond, sesame, avocado, coconut, olive or cacoa butter.

Most people should not use the same brush they use on the body as they do on the face because facial skin tends to be more sensitive. Dry brushing should typically take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Hygiene is important, as so much dead skin cells sloughs off and works it’s way into the brush bristles.  If brushing daily, clean the brush every 3-4 days and if brushing three days a week, clean the brush once a week.  Wash in hot soapy water with tea tree oil and leave in the sun to dry.

You’ll be surprised at the  invigorating glow just 5 minutes daily will achieve, and how refreshed and lively you will feel each day.

For more concerns , Feel free to Contact a Adelaide Nutritionist or an Nutritional Medicine Practitioner to help you.